Sunday, October 22, 2017

2017 Images

Our event photographer had technical difficulties this year so we are pulling photos from individuals that are kind enough to share. Times News ( <-- Link) did a great story with some images that you can purchase as well.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

2017 Results

Youth Advance
2570    Liesl Gerlach
2500    Shaila Tate

Youth Beginner
1720    Jordan Tate
595      Tye Schiffler
570      Jakob Schiffler
410      Amos Olsen
320      Landon Porter
95        Elijah Meidell
50        Jada Tate
20        Madeline Camacho

Female Beginner
925      Xiao Wu
720      Hana Miller
680      Shalee Olsen
515      Katlyn Hitz
460      Kathryn Smith
340      Sarah Morris
320      Erin Porter
315      Suzanne Fluty
315      Alexandra Watson
295      Skyler Wildman
280      Bekka Mongeau
260      Jodi Camacho
220      Justine Greene
215      Lindsay Conover
195      Nicole Armstrong
70        Danielle Jones
45        Morgan Conover
10        Whitney Christen

Female Intermediate
3205    Lea Steiner
1060    Morgan Ackley
295      Patricia Susanto
270      Natalie Young
215      Emily Meidell

Female Advance
2385    Valerie Strasser
2260    Jocelynn Smith
1365    Steff Carter

Female Masters
680      Jani Bergdahl
315      Sally Gerlach

Mens Beginner
1805    Taylor Buttars
1165    Aaron Camacho
1145    Noah Case
795      Tim Greene
755      Majid Imani
690      Jordan Conover

Mens Intermediate
4530    Sam Murray
2150    Chris Manning
1640    Ethan Arrington
1455    Matt Tubbs
1450    Mike Young
1410    Spencer West
1350    Peter Meidell
1250    Noah Koski
1110    Ian Jamison
935      Parker Twiss
880      Mike Young
855      Luke Meidell
790      Elias Olsen
790      Griffin Rowell
755      Adam Brown
615      Clayton Conner
455      Nick Tock
450      Ben Byers
290      Greg Nutsch

Mens Advance
4100    Nick Giegerich
3820    Samuel Bers
3365    Alex Gilchrist
3355    Brady Devey
2315    Hayden Humphries
1900    Parker Brown
1780    Nate Liles
1645    Rees Holyoak
1525    Torrey Hendry
1350    Joel Shier
1215    Eric Browning
850      Ryan Weinert

Mens Masters
4350    Marcus Garcia
3740    Lucas Tracy
3090    Shawn Wilsey
2170    Robert Kolb
1125    Bob Bergdahl
1010    Troy Smith
665      Johan Swafford

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Boulderfest 2017

Boulderfest this year is one not to miss!
Our pre-party will consist of FREE food and $5 refillable pints by Von Scheidt Brewery. Don't forget that Marcus Garcia, of Adidas, will be doing a sick slideshow presentation.
Boulderfest will open on Saturday, October 14th with registration at 8am.
Competition begins at 10am and will run until 1pm.
We will host an Adopt-a-Crag clean up at 1pm
Marcus Garcia will be holding a footwork clinic at 2pm
Boulderfest will have a vendor ally setup in Dierkes Park near the pavilions with a slackline and other festival activities.  Ketchum Burrito will also be there with their taco bus.
Hang out long enough to get your name called in the Great Gear Giveaway!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rebolting Tools For Southern Idaho Climbing Coalition

Thanks to all who participated in Dierkes Boulderfest 2016. With the proceeds we were able to supply our local climbing coalition, Southern Idaho Climbing Coalition, with brand new tools to further their efforts in making our crags a safer place.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016 Sponsors

Thank you to all of our 2016 sponsors!

Boulderfest 2016 Images

These photos are courtesy of Kris Zigich 
Please take a look at some of his other work at Kris Zigich Media
If you want full size images please contact Kris Zigich directly.